Hot water and more electrical production

The high efficiency aluminum heat exchanger, central part of the system, is combined with a photovoltaic module to increase electrical efficiency and recover thermal energy for hot water production

Roll-Bond Technology

Roll-Bond technology improves performance thanks to the absorbers used on the back of the photovoltaic modules and through water-glycol internal circulation. This system optimizes the photovoltaic panel operating conditions and produces hot water. The combination of the Roll Bond absorber and photovoltaic modules optimizes the electrical efficiency of the photovoltaic system itself. The thermal energy produced by this “innovative solar system” can be used for partial or complete integration of the traditional thermal system, pool heating and even industrial processes

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Excellent thermal insulation, closure cap and 100% recyclable pure aluminum heat exchanger make it the most durable and efficient module

Thermal characteristics

0 [m²]
absorber area
0 [m²]
opening area
0 [m²]
gross area
MC 0 [l]
amount of liquid
1 0 [mm]
power module
0 [mm]
0 [mm]
diameter pipes
0 [°C]
Maximum temperature
0 [bar]
27/5000 maximum operating pressure
1 0 [W]
peak thermal power
instant absorber efficiency μ0

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