Plants for the production of photovoltaic and thermal energy


Teknogea Energy

Complete cycle for energy efficiency

Generate, Monitor, Optimize

Photovoltaic Solar

Efficient modules and production assurance

Each photovoltaic plant is constantly monitored and we guarantee energy production, which is why we use only high quality products.

Thermal Solar

Um único modulo para água e energia

With the hybrid module – water and energy – we achieved greater efficiency and reduced space occupied by the photovoltaic plant with a more pleasing aesthetic.

Battery accumulation

Aplicações Off-Grid and On-Grid com back-up
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Solar energy

Produce your clean energy and respect the environment, our commitment is to make our entire experience available to you. You will help nature as well as the economy of your business, or your family, will benefit.

Cells with 5 high efficiency busbars

The cells of the FuturaSun modules allow the inverter to reach the maximum power point more easily, thus increasing the amount of energy produced by the PV system. The 5 busbar cells used by FuturaSun reduce resistive losses and mechanical stress, thus avoiding the onset of micro-cracks.


Hot water and electricity in same system

Hybrid Photovoltaic Modules

The system with hybrid panels allows to produce simultaneously hot water and electricity, also increasing the efficiency of the photovoltaic part. In fact, the thermal part contributes to the cooling of the solar cells, with a consequent increase in the production.

Photovoltaic storage systems

Battery-accumulated photovoltaic plant – On-Grid / Off-Grid with Backup – for having power availability whenever and wherever you want.